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                                                             Spice Detox

Studies and research has shown that for now there is no physical dependence on the body from heavy spice addiction, however there is a psychological as well as emotional and social dependence from using the drug.

Spice detox allows for a person to come off the drug in a safe and secure environment so that they can be monitored as cases have been reported of intense hallucinations and paranoia.  In addition many spice detox centers may have a psychiatrist to help those persons who have a mental health conditions balance back out on their original medication.

Currently spice does not test positive for marijuana therefore may be easy to hide.  There are some spice drug tests available that test for synthetic cannabinoids contained in spice, but with the ingredients in spice changing so rapidly these tests have little if any effect in detecting the drug.

The typical length of stay in a spice detox center can be anywhere from 5 -10 days depending upon the amount and frequency of use , as well as the post paranoia, and psychological effects.  Many times users of spice may also use a variety of other illegal drugs that the individual may need to be detoxed from.  While in a spice detox patients are monitored hourly with blood pressure readings taken, as well as daily medical exams by a doctor and a psychiatrist.

Spice is a very dangerous and highly addictive drug in that the short term effects, as well as the long term effects are not yet known as no tests have been conducted on human beings.  The best alternative is to not use the drug at all. If you are a spice user, and abuse or are addicted to the drug, please seek help immediately.  Please call us now; we can help guide you to the best spice detox spice rehab and spice addiction treatment program that best meets your needs. Please call us now.

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